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What is ATTrBuTE

ATTrBuTE is a web based application that guides both travel plan builders and travel plan evaluators through a series of questions to ensure that the travel plan is in accordance with TfL's published guidance on travel planning for new development in London. The questions are the same whether you are a transport planner writing a travel plan or a local authority officer evaluating a travel plan. By using ATTrBuTE it is hoped that all the common elements for travel plans are included and are in the same order.

Whilst ATTrBuTE will score the travel plan, this score is only a value attributed to whether the travel plan includes all the relevant information. The local authority will assess whether this information is relevant to the location, scale and type of development; also whether the travel plan will assist in delivering sustainable transport or address other specific local issues.


Travel planning for new development in London

User Guide

The new updated User Guide is available here. If you have any queries regarding ATTrBuTE please email newwaytoplan@tfl.gov.uk.

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The previous version of ATTrBuTE can be found here

This version will be available until Thursday 28 April, after which time the site will be closed. Please note that assessments completed using ATTrBuTE v2 will be available on the current ATTrBuTE, but you will be unable to make any changes.

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