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Fighting HIV

From the beginning, tackling the HIV epidemic wasn’t an easy thing to do. Not only was the diseas unknown and there was no precedent in medicaiton for the virus, but also a heavy cloak of social prejudice was tightly associated with this infection. In a time when homophobia was much stronger than it is today, at least in countries like ours, the fact that the vast majority of HIV infections were diagnosed among gay men quickly made everyone believe it was a "gay disease", and thus, as shameful and vicious as homosexuality itself. However, this association weakened in time. Not only did women and straight men get diagnosed as well, even if the number was significantly lower, but scientists determined that the reason HIV was so prevalent among men who have sex with men wasn’t because it was a sexual orientation specific disease, but because the sexual practices more frequent among¬†men with men - such as anal sex and the quick exchange of sexual partners - were risk factors for HIV contagion.

Nowadays, science has gone a long way, and even if the disease is still a thing and there is no approved cure, medication that decreases contagion and helps treat the symptoms and save lives is now available. Even preventive drugs have been working wonders, especially in high risk population. There is a good chance that deffinitive treatment, perhaps even erradication, of this infection is soon to be a reality.  Read More...

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Drop In London HIV Tests

Drop In London HIV Tests


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